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Practically Magick Podcast Episode 3: The Will

This is one of the most important aspects of writing a Spell: the will. It isn't enough to tell the right stories or have the right words, it isn't enough to perform the rituals, it is the BELIEF that makes it so.

If Spells are stories, the most important stories are the ones we tell about ourselves. We all resonate with a vibrational energy that creates our existence and attracts or creates the world around us. We can project energy from our thoughts and feelings. If we running thought systems in our brains and heart that contradict the desired effect, we cannot attract the physical or metaphysical reality we want. So much of those systems are subconscious, how are we ever to really know what programs we have running?

This is where the Healing work of Emotional and Energy steps into play. Many of us understand and benefit from mental health work. We go see a doctor when we are physically ill and cannot treat ourselves. When we have energetic blocks or subconscious patterns that run in our brain and body, it would be most beneficial to seek an Energy worker to help facilitate our awareness and clear or make changes to these systems. This is what the IPT process does best! I have clients seeking to get deep into early life experiences, move out heavy energy related to those experiences, and get to the root beliefs that were meant to protect or meet needs but are actually self-sabotaging. Incredible awareness has been made that couldn't have happened in a traditional therapy session. Reiki sessions can do a lot to connect body, mind, and soul. There are many other modalities in the energy healing world that will raise a body's vibrational frequency and make room for new patterns to take affect.

Let's use an example for better clarification. You want to create a spell (prayer, story, manifestation) that creates deeper friendships and connection. If you feel lonely or moved to a new area or new stage of life and feel that I don't have the social life or friendships that I'd like to have, this would be a good focus to begin work. Of course, using affirmations to help boost self esteem has a positive effect. You wake up every morning, look in the mirror and speak the affirmation, "I attract deep and meaningful friendships in my life!".

We might begin to be frustrated when it feels like the spell falls flat. You keep inviting people to things, they always flake out! You meet a new friend, but she ghosts you! What is happening? So, you try an emotional process session and discover that early in life you had feelings of abandonment and betrayal from events that happened at an early age. Maybe mom or dad was involved, maybe friends in a kindergarten class? In the process of moving heavy feelings out, you discover that your belief system was "I am not loveable" and you protected yourself from hurt by keeping a wall of "Goodness" up around you. You wouldn't allow anyone to see who you truly are for fear they would reject you. In discovering yourself, you get to decide to let go of Need for Approval and go forward in life with a new belief that you actually are loveable, no matter what. Now, when you connect with others, you are coming from a real and authentic place. This process raises your vibrational energy to accept more love and connection into your life.

Our bodies are like computers. Our brains develop neuro pathways from the time we are a fetus to serve two purposes: avoid pain and meet our chemical needs (oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine). These are like computer programs or software. The truth is, 100% of our neuro pathways are mapped by the time we are 8! This means that most of the behaviors and thought patterns are not logical, but based on experiences we've had. They are often, contradicting and illogical. So, we get triggered when these old patterns pop up and don't actually serve us all that well. If we take time to look into our hard drive and clean out the outdated and slow programs, we'd have a better running computer! Old programs can slow down, stay stuck, and actually cause stress and disease. This means, physical and mental health improves from Energy and Emotional cleansing.

Emotional Processing is a lot like true TIME TRAVEL. The opportunity to have a session and feel as though you went back to the age of decision, feels like getting to go to these moments of our past and re-write memories based on what our younger Self needs. We get to have deep love and compassion for our younger Self for only knowing one way to do it before. Our present day Self can actively heal, witness, and love our Younger Self. It is a powerful tool.

As all things are energy, the IPT process also makes use of the visualization of Shapes and Colors to move that energy out of the body.  Colors are a vibration too, frequencies of light and emotional energy. Our desires and dreams are resonating at a certain frequency, so we want our body to resonate at that frequency as much as possible. If we move "betrayal and fear" out of the body in whatever color we want to imagine, energy will follow the intention. In this emotional process, we are make good use of the deep feelings to reprogram our neuro pathways. We raise our entire body's energy and resonate and attract what we seek.

For some spiritually- minded people, associating the energy with a deity or Higher Power will resonate more closely to Creative Source, the source of all creation energy in the universe. For example: If worship and prayer to the Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of Love, allows their body to resonate with romantic love, that person's will is aligned with what they seek.

Some experiments to try: Get a group of people and choose one person to be the "Receiver" of healing energy. Allow them to sit in the center and the rest to sit in a circle and direct all their intentional healing and comforting energy to the receiver. When this experiment was done with large audiences all over the country (groups of 8 approx people), the benefits were recorded and proven to be significant to not only the receivers but even more so with the GIVERs of healing intention.

The work of  Dr. Masaru Emoto shows experiments with jars of rice or plants. One being the control jar or plant, the other receiving intentional LOVE or HATE from a word written on it or people directing thoughts and words at it, but both jars or plants existing in the same environment and treatment otherwise. The hated plant withered and the hated jar of rice grew black mold. The loved plant thrived and the jar of rice remained white and healthy. He even experimented with crystalized frozen water with different words written on the dishes and documented the images that the crystal formed. I believe this proves that our thoughts and words, and our emotional energy has great impact on the world.

Stay tuned for more Podcast episodes on the subject of Vibration.

Next Week on Practically Magick: The Way. How to create ritual and practice

in the use of Spells.

More resources on how energy effects the world around us:

Power VS. Force by David R. Hawkins PhD.

Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman

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