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Practically Magick Podcast Episode 2: The Words

In Episode 1 of the podcast, I gave an overview of the basic formula for casting spells requires the three elements: The Words, The Will and The Way. This episode is going to help give spell casters and Magic wielders the information on how to form the WORDS.

Spells are just stories, so we must be extremely careful about the stories we tell ourselves. The stories replaying in our mind can be spells or they can be curses. That inner critic, the negative beliefs, the self-sabotaging energies that block creativity and lower our whole vibrational frequency can be curses we didn't even know we were casting.

When I do emotional processes with clients (See my Services for Integrative Processing Technique), we are learning how to decipher the subconscious beliefs that are written into the nueropathways of the brain. It is impossible to know all the thoughts and experiences we've ever had since conception or even the generational trauma written into our DNA in our own family history! So, emotional processing is a very powerful tool to uncover what those unconscious stories are written into our brain, heart, and body.

The Left brain tells stories with language. Left brain is in charge of logic, language, linear, lists, and loves that all those things start with L. The Right brain expresses emotion and uses the language of color. Together, these two parts need each other to think, feel, and express our creativity outwardly. What creativity is that? Is it a product, like a painting or a song? Not always. Sometimes the creativity we express is in the life we make for ourselves. The day to day living that meet our own basic needs of love, connection, safety, certainty, variety, joy, or contentment. We are all the creators and artists of our own life and writing spells means we get to caste those spells to create.

The proper language when casting spells is very important. If all things in the universe are energy, they have a source. Source of all creation could be God. It could be whatever you want to call it, but there is a center to the ripples of vibrations that created the universe and everything that ripples closest to Source are high vibrations of LOVE, Acceptance, and Enlightenment. This means that the words we use need to have a vibration that resonates at the same frequency of the things we attract to us. Source speaks in the language of frequency and does not understand words like "not" when asking for something. If we pray, "Please do NOT let me lose all my money." This wording resonates with the energy level of FEAR of losing money and all the Source will understand "Lose all my money." Instead, we use affirmation statements that vibrate with a higher frequency, such as, "I keep and attract much wealth." You can already feel the difference in your body.

When the ancient peoples told their stories, they used mythology and symbolism and poetry and art to depict what they wished to convey. We tend to know so much about Greek and Roman mythology because their culture had a very intricate writing tradition. Egyptian and their hieroglyphics gave us modern anthropologists a very good idea of their spiritual beliefs and practices. We know their hopes, dreams, complaints, priorities, and daily living. However, the Druids of Celtic traditions did not believe in writing down their wisdom. The traditions and practices of the ancient Celts are lost to us, save for what the Romans wrote about them during their occupation. In the Middle Ages, some monks wrote down legends in their monasteries to preserves some of the culture of the people of the land of Wales and Britain. We will never fully know if the stories were adapted and changed to fit the Christian influence of the time. Those wisdoms are lost to us now, but we can rediscover them in the use of language as we tell the stories of these characters and take into consideration the meaning of words in the old language. We get to piece together the meaning of these stories of the Mabanogi and how the clues of language give us lost wisdom.

Using language in the way we write our spells and stories, is to learn to be intentional about the meanings of the words we use. In the book, The Isaiah Effect: Decoding the Lost Science of Prayer and Prophecy by Gregg Braden he talks about using words of gratitude to resonate with LOVE and authenticity versus fear and shame. It is the same with how we view our world. Here are some daily practices I use to make the most of WORDS:

-Morning Pages: As described in the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, have a plain spiral notebook by your bedside. This is NOT a journal, so no one ever needs to see what you write. Every morning you write three full pages of nonstop thoughts. It is a running dialogue of every thought in your head, no matter how boring or insane or negative it may be. It is a thought dump. Clear out the cobwebs and free up space for creative energy to flow.

-Gratitude Journal: Every night before you fall asleep, write a page or two in a journal designated for gratitude. Even if you had the shittiest day! Write as many things about your day as you can think of for the things you are grateful for. If you are religious or spiritual, imagine you are writing it to your Higher Power or Source and letting them know that you appreciate their gifts and help throughout the day. Neuroscientists have discovered that doing this right before sleep is optimal benefit because it gives your brain a boost of good chemicals (oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, etc) and they will continue while you sleep and reinforce new neuropathways that allow you to form the habits of thinking in gratitude more often.

-Love Letters: As a combination of the two rituals above, the love letters will reinforce the words your body and mind need to hear. The idea comes from Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love. She writes down "Love, what would you have me know today?" Then, she writes to herself as if from Love. The ideas come pouring out in unexpected ways. If you need to hear "I am always with you. I will never abandon you." or "You are loveable and safe. You are a worthy human being, just by being you." Those are the words your soul and body will need to embrace and reinforce to raise your vibes.

-Affirmations and desires: Affirmation statements are found anywhere one has to look, but it won't be enough to just say them. They are statements made as if they are already true (ex. I am wealthy. I am in great health. I have all I need. I am enough. I have $2k coming my way in two weeks.) I You must learn to BELEIVE them. My next episode will talk about THE WILL. For now, the words of these affirmations can be written and taped to your bathroom mirror to be recited every morning while you get ready. You can try writing them out with your non-dominant hand 3x every day. It is a great experiment to try and see what will happen!  

-Chanting and Mantras: Everything is energy, energy is vibrations, vibrations have frequency, vibrational frequency makes geometric patterns, geometric patterns make every atom in the universe, energy is the creation of all things in the universe. Music is frequency, and having a chant or song or mantra is resonating your body's frequency to the physical world of the things or experiences you want to have.

Hindu practice uses Om. Om is a sacred sound produced by practitioners in meditation to help them access the frequency of the universal Source.

As a Priestess of Avalon, I prefer to use the word Awen, elongating the vowels in

various ways, to call upon the spark of creative energy in the Druid tradition.

Awen is Welsh chant. Chanting this word or the names of Welsh deities helps me connect with the frequencies I am calling out to Source to tap into. A Christian might do the same with Christian prayers, hymns or "Hosanna".

When I was going through a "Dark Night of the Soul" in my own life, the mantra that helped me was "The only way out is through." I knew the pain I was experiencing wouldn't last forever, but I needed to say this phrase over and over to remind me I was getting through it. I could collapse and break all I wanted, but it was all part of the process of getting through. I allowed myself to feel all of it.

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