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My new podcast, Practically Magick Episode 1: How to Use Magick in Everyday Life and Create Your Own Spells is out today! I never thought I would be able to listen to my own voice, but I feel immensely proud of the content and presentation of the subject I am most passionate to share. This blog is an excellent partner to the episodes as I can easily share the resources and information that is shared on the episodes. A link to listen to the podcast episode will be at the end. Enjoy!

Spells are Stories.

Whether you call it spells, prayer, manifestation, affirmation, spirituality, magic, or anything else, the simplest idea is that all spells are stories. Our faith and cooperation as a human experience is founded largely on the stories we tell. If we want what we seek, we tell a story to help us attain it. Mindfulness is the practice of understanding our stories and being intentional about what stories we tell. To learn to wield magic, we must be extra careful about the stories we tell, especially about ourselves.

Creating magic in your life follows a simple, fundamental formula. To make a spell, we need 3 components: The Words, The Will, and The Way (The Once and Future Witches by Alix E. Harrow).

The Words: Creating the words in the correct format is essential to getting the spell right. The Universe (aka God, Source of Energy, etc) doesn't speak the language of words, but of vibrational frequency. Thoughts, words, and beliefs create a vibrational frequency. If the vibe is low and connected to "negative" emotions, that is the message that will be sent out. I like to use phrases like, "Wouldn't it be lovely if. . . " when asking for something. This simple phrase allows me to let go of expectation and make room for anticipation. Using affirmations or "I deserve, I believe, I know, I am" statements are a great way to help our frequency resonate with the things we seek. Of course, actual SPELLS are effective for those Witches and Mages like me. Poetry, spells from a spell book, even nursery rhymes are fun and heartfelt to use and allows us to connect spiritually with the desired quest. Connecting spiritually in a Higher Power allows us to experience being creative partners with the Divine in shaping our lives.

The Will: Unfortunately, the affirmations and words are not enough. It isn't enough to say the right things if you don't BELEIVE them, way down deep in the depths of your soul. This is where the Healing Journey of your life takes you and invites you to do the real work. The work I do in Emotional Processing and Reiki Healing are some modalities that are excellent in doing the Shadow Work. We are never going to know how or why the self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs that are running in our brains and hearts, but having help and the will to look is a great first step. Traditional therapy, books and other resources, are fantastic partnerships to the work. You won't attract what you seek with just the words, until you are willing to address and unpack any trauma that hold you back and might even have you believing you are unworthy.

The Way: This is where it gets fun. When we think of the Way, our minds jump to the HOW of it all. No, this is not the HOW do I get what I want. This is the rituals and daily devotional practice. If I am doing a spell for Abundance, I have the words to speak or write, I have done the work of casting out scarcity beliefs and unworthiness and have the will for abundance, but now I can collect the necessary herbs, crystals, flower essence, oils, green candles, coins, and any other items that symbolize abundance and hold the vibrational frequency and construct a ritual. As a pagan, working with the natural world is a necessary tool. I personally use herbs and crystals of the earth, stay aligned with the phases of the moon for the timing, and work my magic.

Next week's episode is going to be a whole episode on the first step of the magic process, The Words.

In each episode, I love to answer questions from Site Members, followers and listeners. Please write in to me any questions you have about magic, healing, energy, or personal struggles you are seeking understanding. Listen to this week's episode to hear a question answered

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