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Mindfulness and Emotional Wellness

Mindfulness practices have been a component to wellness for thousands of years, as long as people. It has made a comeback in conversations of western medicine, with many classes and books and even mindfulness for kids. I believe this is important to understand why we do it and how it actually helps.


We are like a Russian Nesting doll of every childhood age we’ve every been. Our brain comes out of the womb 25% already mapped at birth, and 75% mapped by the time we are 3. These neuropathways hold all the decisions we’ve ever made. At first, consciously, and now subconsciously. If our brain/body were a computer, these are operating systems we downloaded at the factory and whether they actually work or not are constantly running. As adults, we have experiences that we call “trauma” but are actually situations that challenge these childhood programs. For example, I had inherited beliefs from generations before me that were solidified by my own life events. The beliefs took the form of co-dependency patterns with my loved ones. I believed I had to control every aspect of my and their lives to protect myself from harm or pain or loss.

When we are triggered in real time, our brain/body doesn’t understand the difference between it happening now or when we were 7, so we react in exactly the same way. We resort to those old programs that are running subconsciously. In my old patterns, I would get angry, manipulate, and belittle to gain control of my people and situations. My brain knew no other way when I was feeling out of control, unsafe and anxious.

There is Good news and Good news and Great news: The way you are is not your fault because you are at the mercy of those childhood maps that developed into who you are and why you do things. We can let go of judgment, blame, and shame of the way we are and they way other people are for doing life the only way they know how! Lastly, neuroplasticity research suggests that you are able to change ANY of those programs that no longer serve you! Becoming mindful of your brain maps, the thoughts and emotions that are triggered, the effects on your own body, and adopting new habits that meet your brain's chemical needs are a start to creating a path to the life you want and who you want to be.

(Resource: Fulfill Life Yourself and NAAP Model by Lamonte Wilcox.)


“When a man is perfect in his own nature, body, and soul, perfect in their harmonious adaptations and action, and living in perfect harmony with nature, with his fellow man, and with God, he may be said to be in a state of HEALTH”

The effect of those Neuro pathways on our body can be explained with the stress it causes. The Thymus gland is in the center of our chest. It is the first organ to be affected by stress. The Thymus gland is in charge of the production of T-cells, which we need to fight unhealthy bacteria, virus, infection, and cancer cells. When we age, as we experience more stress and develop more neuropathways that connect us with decisions on how to adapt to the stress, the Thymus gland shrinks and makes us susceptible to sickness and disease.

When we are under stress, we can also call this “untruths” or “sin” which is just an old world word for “disconnected from the SELF”. We experience a loss of energy in the body. The muscles feel the loss of energy and we can experience that with Muscle Testing. This can give us information for our body. (Kinesiology)


All things are energy, all things vibrate. Vibrations make sound, but sound can create the geometry and existence of material things. We now understand colors as an emotional vibrational frequency interpreted by the feelings when seeing the color, not the fragment of light itself(

The IPT process will use colors and shapes as a tool for intentionally moving heavy energy out and accepting aligning energies into the body.

The energy flowing in our body can be associated with the emotions we feel or have felt in our past. Emotions, just like all things living and non-living in this world, sights, sounds, colors, shapes and form, are all vibrations. When something vibrates, it must have started at a creation source, (GOD) that is the start of the ripples. Heavy emotions vibrate at a lower frequency, further away from the source. Light emotions vibrate at a higher frequency. In In Power VS Force by David Hawkins, Ph.D, the author took a study of the highest vibrations and assigned them and “ENERGY LEVEL” calibration number and ordered them down to the lowest vibrating emotions. He goes on to suggest you can use muscle testing to calibrate the energy level of anything: books, food, activities, people, spaces, tv shows, etc.

If we had Heavy Emotions centered around events that created decisions (Neuro pathways) from childhood trapped in the body, programs running at all times, we would have more stress on the body and thus creating a unhealthy way of living that results in the physical symptoms that effect our health.

This is why it is important to practice mindfulness, which is just awareness of the thoughts and emotions that our SELF has been listening to all these years. We can start a daily healing practice of addressing what programs are running, what are the strong and heavy emotions that exist around those programs, and allow yourself to process and release them. IPT is one way to do that, NAAP model of neuro reprogramming is another (F. L. Y. ).

When needing help looking deeper, we often need the help of traditional therapy or healing facilitators to do the work. There are many daily rituals and routines that will be beneficial, in addition to meditation.


Every decision we’ve every made was to get these 6 basic Human needs met: Control and Certainty, Uncertainty and Variety, Love and Connection, Significance and Uniqueness, Growth, and Contribution.

Each Human need corresponds with one of the 4 Chemical needs your brain is looking to get met (we are all drug addicts essentially). Sometimes we chase these chemical needs through our “Escapes” and sometimes we find healthier and more aligned with a peaceful, authentic SELF. (etc. What I do, hoping I will get. . . )

If we discover that our “PROGRAMS” are teaching us to get our needs are getting met through the behaviors and interactions in a way that doesn't ACTUALLY get the need met, the sympathetic autonomic nervous system, then we are in a confined (fight, flight or freeze) state of mind most of the time!

The work of mindfulness and re-programming our thought patterns are to switch to a free state (rest and digest) state more of the time and get our needs met, not just from external situations and circumstances but through ourselves.

In my own personal example, I was staying in a confined state by trying to seek control of external circumstances and people. When that didn't work, and my world fell apart around me I was in extreme emotional pain and confusion.

I was not allowing myself to take control of the one and only thing I ACTUALLY have control: myself. Breaking Co-dependency patterns was, for me, the best way to regain control and remain in a free state of mind no matter what the external circumstances were going on around me. I got my dopamine fix by looking within, rather than without.

In confined state: 40Btz/sec of data is accessible in our brains.

In Free State: 40,000 btz/sec of data can is accessible.

Staying in a Fee State is allowing us to access creative and effective solutions to anything we face. However, when our old programs tell us that our confined state will help, we stay in limited view of solutions to actually effectively solve the problem at hand.

From my own need to control, seeking love and connection and the only way I’ve ever learned to feel safe is to control my environment and the people in it. Generationally passed on from my grandmothers, both maternal and paternal and further back from there, it was born from trauma that is buried in my family history. It was passed on to me in DNA and by example and confirmed again and again in my own childhood experience. Control worked for me. . .until it didn't! Those Traumas are a painful and beautiful reminder of what we need and what doesn't work for us.

Through Emotional Processing work, IPT, the NAAP model, and mindfulness practices I have been able to revise and edit those misguided programs into new and healthy patterns to heal. My emotional state of health and Physical state of health has been better for doing the work!

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