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Episode 8: Trauma and Crap with Mrs. Daybreak Amanda McCombs. Revised to : Reclaiming Sovereignty

This episode of Practically Magick was undoubtedly hard to edit down. The conversation with Amanda McCombs, Mrs. Daybreak as she prepares for her pageant for Mrs. Utah America in just a few short weeks was inspiring, magical, and filled with heartfelt moments.

Amanda opened up about her very difficult year of personal tragedies. She was diagnosed with very painful condition that took her away from the things she loves for months at a time. She endured this illness after her Mother's house had burned down. Only a few months later, unexpectedly lost her Mother. What many mystics call the "Dark Night of the Soul" when it can be easy to succumb to deep depression and simply giving up, Amanda chose to enter a beauty pageant.

We had jokingly called this episode, "Trauma and Crap" at finding the humor in so many uncontrollable events happening in one year. However, after talking to Amanda's inspiring story, I redubbed the episode "Reclaiming Sovereignty". Amanda wasn't aware until after she had entered the pageant that her mother had been involved in pageants in her past. She felt her Mother leading her one step at a time into this world and helping her reclaim the right to hold a crown on her head and her chin high. She applied as Mrs. Daybreak to the Mrs. Utah competition and it was accepted! She has been staking her claim to the title and moving forward with her platform, Victoria's Voice Foundation.

The most relatable thing about Amanda's story is that her last conversation with her Mom was a message to take care of herself. Amanda admittedly wouldn't be able to do that in all her grief if it wasn't for this pageant. It was as if finding the pageant was a great big push her Mom was giving her. This is the message and platform that she want to project to the world. In taking care of ourselves, we reclaim our sovereignty too.

I was so honored to share this emotional space with Amanda. I cannot begin to convey the strength, humor, and healing that this episode provides from this blog post. It is is one you will have to listen for yourself.

To listen to this episode, you can find it here (or wherever you get your podcasts)

Find more information about Amanda and the Mrs. Utah America pageant here:

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