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Episode 7: The Magic of Color

Sound Healing is becoming deeply researched in academic, scholarly fields. There are frequencies measured in hertz for different purposes. 40 HZ is being experimented as a sound to help people with ADHD focus and be more productive on tasks. 528hz is the frequency of LOVE and I use it in my house and classrooms whenever we need a shift in energy. Why should color and visual senses be any different? Visual senses, for people that have sight, make up 80% of information take in to process.

Color is deeply powerful connection to energy because it is wavelengths itself.

Psychology Today articles to look into : Colors Affect Brain Function and Color of Emotion. My favorite article on this topic is suggesting that colors are more than properties of light, but actually EMOTIONS that our brain is processing. You can read that article here:

“visible light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which is a gradient of electromagnetic radiation running from shorter to longer wavelengths, and includes gamma rays, radar, radio, and micro-waves (none of which we perceive as “color”).”

Wavelengths of light are no more than variants of grey. However, the shapes of the cones of the receptors in our eyes translate the message of the color to emotions in our brain (ex. red=blood=alarm or danger).

“When the complex relational logic associated with these distinct clusters of cells is brought into the actively entangled region of the brain associated with consciousness, we have discrete sensations even if we rarely give a second thought to the components that make up each of these colors, any more than we can discern the ingredients in mayonnaise or a piece of Cap’n Crunch.”

The article also suggests that the position of light through a droplet of water is perceived from a different angle for each person. When you see a rainbow in the sky or in a sprinkler on the lawn, it is entirely your own. No one else is seeing the same rainbow as you. That is both very scientific and poetic at the same time.

In short: colors may not actually BE colors, but our own body’s response and receptive interpretation (emotion) to that visual wavelength.

In the modality of Energy Healing, IPT (Integrative Processing Technique), the process integrates left and right brain. Right brain’s language being COLOR. What would it look like to move energy from the body with color?

In this episode, I give a guided meditation or exercise in moving emotional out with color. When I do this in a Reiki or IPT session with a client, the colors are a subconscious clue of what connections those emotions say about us. For example, if someone is moving out a heavy feeling and they visualize it as a light blue, I might guide the next question to ask "What was being felt that wasn't being expressed? Did you feel that you could be open to communicate or was there any fear of expression?" This is because blue is often associated with the Throat energy center and when that is blocked, there is a need to communicate.

I find using color in healing sessions is especially effective with processes with Children. I've had sessions with children as young as 4 months old. When teenagers that struggle to understand or express their emotions come to a session, they are often able to identify what their feelings are in colors. I've had teenagers color out their heavy energy with crayons or paint, and take those pictures to their therapy sessions to discuss in more detail and depth. It is a fantastic way to move stuck energy! Children move energy much easier and quicker than adults because they are adaptable to change.

Where is the Magic?  Science and Magic meet here. Even blindness cannot negate the power of using color in healing work. Chakras, or Energy Centers are known to have a color associations. Aura and Energy photography have been useful tools in being able to show us how our colors effect who we are and how we show up in the world.

Energy follows intention. In my Healing Through Art workshops, I am able to guide participants through an emotional process and choosing colors of paint they want to identify and move the energy out of the body and onto the canvas. The artwork piece shown here is an example of the beautiful work that comes of healing with colors. A practice of expressing one’s heaviness and shadow selves with color allows clarity to move through and determine the SELF.

When it comes to making Magic,

The Will, The Words, The Way: color has a play in all of it.

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