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Episode 6: The magic of the Sun, Moon and Stars

Updated: Mar 6

This episode was my very first guest interview with Kambria Davis. She is an Astrologer, Reality Agent, and founder of Kaya Community.

Kambria helped me understand the significant impact that the planets, sun, moon, and cosmos have on our life's journey on this Earth.

We discussed the journey of learning Astrology and how it has impacted her life in professional and personal ways.

Staring Kaya Kommunity has been an effort to create safe and supportive spaces for Women to heal. It stood for Come As You Are (with a K for Kambria).

We had so much fun exploring what my sun, moon, and rising sign might say for me. I had never felt so seen and understood in my life! We even played a game when I pulled random signs and she and I had to figure out what archetype of Disney characters would fit into that sign best. It was a lot of fun. I plan to get my children and family members birth charts done soon to help them better understand themselves and for me to understand them better too.

If you would like to see more about Kambria, follow her on Instagram @Kaya_Kommunity or visit her website at

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