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Episode 4: The Way

Updated: Mar 6

In previous episodes (blog posts), I walk through the steps of creating a Spell. If the word "spell" scares you, replace it with "A New Story" of your life and path. In order for manifestation of our destiny and dreams to work, you need those three elements to align. The Words, The Will, and The Way. In this episode, we are going to discuss how to create THE WAY.

Creating a ritual should not something that requires more energy than you have to give. It is NOT A CHORE. It should be something that is welcomed into your life. That being said, it may take some commitment and time to make something a habit. I did not enjoy Morning Pages habit when I first started. Waking up early to do it was the worst part. So, I set up a space in meditation room with my notebook and pen, the fireplace turned on, and a fluffy blanket to wrap up in. That is one way I made it so cozy that I looked forward to the habit I knew I wanted to commit to.

Rituals should fall seamlessly into the life you already have. If you want to mark an occasion or take notice of the Full Moon and create a ceremony, don't make it so complicated or so much effort that you feel resentful to partake. Use herbs you keep on hand, use materials that can be easily used and reused. Sometimes it is as simple as walking outside every morning.

Some examples of rituals I love to incorporate in cycles: Gratitude actions. When I wake up, I will stand in a power pose outside to thank the earth, air, trees, weather, sun, and even touch the ground to my heart. These rituals are not just for fun, but they actively work to change the physiological make-up of my brain to seek more things to be grateful for. They change the energy flow of my body to embrace what I want to attract. I also like to pull a card from one of my divination decks, light incense during prayer, and make offerings of gratitude to my plants in the garden. All these simple adjustments to daily routines can be a way to practice Magic.

Creating a particular ritual requires you to think through the process. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of this ritual? What am I drawn to do? What motivates me? Rituals can be a ceremony of celebration, marking an occasion or marker of time. You may want to offer something or ask for something to a higher power or Divine Source.

Next, you will want to plan what is needed for the ritual. Start with the 5 senses. What sensations do you want to include in the ritual?

  • Visual: think of colors and shapes that align with the purpose of the ritual. There is no wrong answer, because you get to express however if feels to you. One person might include spikey shapes because it feels exciting, like a burst of energy! Another person might think that sounds toxic and sharp and harsh.

  • Sounds: Do you want to include music or drumming into the ritual. If you are looking to calm your nerves, fight off a craving, or call community and abundance, a deep low drumming or drum beats are an excellent tool. I highly recommend it for rewiring the brain. Maybe you are drawing LOVE to your heart and need a light flute or woodwind sound.

  • Feel: Textures can be considered if you are setting up a space for the ritual or an alter. Soft and silky textures feel and look luxurious and inviting. Velvet is warm. Linen and rough fabrics might be used for security and wealth. Although, you might be drawn to using luxurious fabrics to attract wealth in your ritual too. There are no rules, do whatever you want!

  • Taste: Just like a sacrament of water or wine and bread can heighten the worship experience, so you can add whatever foods, drinks, and herbs are connected to the purpose for creating this spell. When using herbs, there is a way to create a ritual without ingesting the herbs that are not edible. You can put any herb in a clear glass, set it in a bowl of Spring water for 30-ish minutes. Then, drink the water. The water holds the vibrational essence of the herb. Bach flower tinctures are ideal for holding emotional vibrational energy. Not every herb and flower has to be eaten, but you can incorporate their essence into the ritual.

  • Smell: Aromatherapy using a candle, diffuser with essential oils, or incense burner. I like to pick the smell I am using for a ritual based on muscle testing or I can look up the herbs and their qualities beforehand.

Consider symbols you want to incorporate. As a Celtic Priestess, I am using symbols of the Druids, Celtic, and Nordic indigenous people. I am careful to research the meanings of the symbols and pick what would be best used. It isn't that the symbol itself has power, but the meaning applied to it does. You can create your own, but it is respectful to use symbols of a culture or people in the way it was intended. We are carrying practices from our ancestors onto our descendants. Consider other ways symbolic items can be brought to use: Plants, animals, colors, stories, mythology, people, places, generations, elements, deities, crystals,  . .

My kitty, Tishin, joins me.
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There are fun and creative ways to include movement and actions into your ritual. Dance and movement has always been a close worship practice to prayer. When we involve our whole body into the ritual, it is as if the Spell itself were embodied. You can move, dance, light a fire, write down your spell and burn it into the fire, dance to music, walk, bow, lay down on your back, speak or sing your spell aloud. Choose your location for your ritual that will allow you to put all the elements together.

Put it all together: your spell and ritual can be as complex or simple as you want to make it. Even better, if you can align your spell work in cycles of the year or monthly moon phases, you will find it easier to plan. I would only do a major spell with all the 5 senses once a year, perhaps my birthday. I would do a simpler Full Moon ceremony once a month. Then, plan a daily ritual at my own personal alter to start or end my day.

Example: I am creating a spell to improve relationship with spouse:

-The words: My husband is a devoted father, considerate human being, and fantastic lover. “Wouldn’t it be lovely if. . .” 

-The Will: I take notice of the 10 times in the week, write in gratitude journal evidence he has actively been doing all these things. Perhaps I do some inner healing work to understand why I don’t believe I deserve a man that shows these things or releases the need to chase love. I write love letters to myself. I invite the  perspective that allows me to release expectations of love from him and heighten self-love. 

-I create a ritual of Love: I draw a bath with Rose Quartz crystals, soft lighting and rose pedals. I have Pomegranate seeds in honor of Persephone to eat and choose love songs that feel romantic and remind me of falling in love with my husband. 

Resources: Channing Parker, my Nourishing Kin teacher and guide sent me a graphic organizer of how to create a ritual.  

-Root and Ritual by Becca Piastrelli

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