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Episode 22: Relationships with Brenda Kradolfer

Part 2 of the Co-Dependency episodes on relationships, I invited Relationship coach, Brenda Kradolfer to join the discussion and talk about her workshop and podcast Th Restored Wife. We dove into some of our personal stories with deciding to look inward when healing the relationship struggles each of us had experience at one point in our marriages.

Brenda describes how at one point she had wondered if her choice in spouse was a mistake and that she harbored a lot of resentment and frustration in her marriage that caused disconnect and lack of intimacy. After reading The Empowered Wife, she had come to some awareness about her own power to change viewpoint in the relationship. She was on a mission to stop and reverse the D word in other marriages by empowering women and wives.

Her workshop had helped me identify areas I was still holding onto and exerting control, subconsciously communicating disrespect, and not allowing my relationship to thrive in ways I was seeking. I had begun my journey to heal co-dependency patterns years ago. This workshop helped me with practical tools and magic phrases to key into the higher vibration of respect and intimacy. It was only when I began to make changes within myself that I noticed how wonderful things could actually be in my marriage.

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The Empowered Wife by Laura Doyle

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