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Episode 16: The Magick of the Sauna and Float with Stacey Millhorn

I spent a fantastic hour with Stacey Millhorn, the owner of Pure Sweat + Float South Jordan and head of the South Valley Wellness Alliance. She opened the shop after the location in Park City was doing so well and wanted to expand to our area near Daybreak. We met at the Daybreak Business Community Luncheons. I was introduced by my producer, Just Blane (Ride the Wave Media) after he had interviewed staff members there in the Sauna and had recorded in the Float. He came to me after and said, "You HAVE to interview Stacey and talk about the colors in the sauna!"

Stacey outlined her journey of having chronic pain and the medications she was taking to help with the pain and inflammation when she discovered the Infrared Sauna and Epsom Salt Float. Soon after using these modalities, she was able to discontinue using the medications. The sauna and float routines helped her so much.

When I first came to the Pure Sweat and Float studio location after their grand opening, I was taking a tour and shown the lights in the sauna. They had a brief information sheet for using the color remote and the health benefits associated with the colors. I told Stacey this was a perfect correlation to the emotional connection to the subconscious vibrations I use in the healing sessions with clients. For example, the indigo color was associated with "Ocular nerves and pineal gland". I told Stacey that it was the color associated with the Inner 3rd Eye Chakra which is the energy center of Intuition. She thought that was fascinating!

After that discussion, she did some digging and provided a Sunlighten information sheet outlining the details of emotional and physical benefits of each of the CHAKRA colors. In this episode you can hear us go into those details and I discuss what aspect of the colors are helpful in an emotional process with clients.

For example, Stacey was talking about the color blue; she always likes to leave the lights on in the sauna on blue. I told her that when clients are releasing the color blue there is often an association with the neck and shoulders and they can be carrying a heavy burden of responsibility in that area of the body. The shoulders are where we store heavy energy of burden from others or being a burden to others. Stacey felt a strong connection to the pain she had been experiencing and could actually feel herself getting emotional with that realization. The emotional energy and the physical body are not separate, but exist within each other.

A few weeks after we recorded this episode, I went back to experience the Float. The tank has 1000 lbs of pristine, magnesium rich Epsom salt. The magnesium gets absorbed in the skin and the salt is detoxing the body and allows you to float easily. There are star lights on the ceiling or glow lights in the water or you can leave it dark. They play music or soothing sounds of your choice. I was transported to other worlds in my time in the float room. It actually took me several days after to ground in my body. I slept so well the first night. Most people are magnesium deficient and I purchased a spray for my feet after that float experience. I plan to go again and try the sauna and float back to back.

The health benefits are outlined in more detail on their website. The important take away from this is that health and wellness does not happen in a vacuum. It is not enough to simply exercise or eat right to remain healthy. Emotional health and spirituality have as much to impact wellness as the benefits of chromotherapy and the sauna together. The sauna and float are physically changing the chemistry of the body with heat or salt, but the peace and quiet of time spent with one’s own thoughts can be just as much a factor. Stacey was already offering an amazing product, but now has been made even more consciously aware of the impact of wavelengths of color energy on the body’s health.

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