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Episode 13: Balanced Soul with Meg Hansen

This episode of Practically Magick is an interview with my friend and fellow Mystic, Meg. Meg is owner of owner of Balanced Soul 8, Intuitive Mystic and Integration guide, Reiki Master, Sound healer, who is trained in Reflexology, Breathwork and is currently in Kundalini Teacher training. She is also in training for Womb Healing, which is of particular interest to me and my never-ending Sacral Chakra healing goals.

Meg talks about her journey to this vocation starting with health issues that would have resulted in the end of her mortal life if not for the profound changes and shifts toward personal healing. She was given a short time to live as she was facing liver failure, and has made a miraculous recovery with dedication to a life of the spiritual and energy healing magic. It isn't "magic", of course, but practically! ;)

I was particularly drawn to Meg because of the name of her practiced being Balanced Soul 8. My endeavors to language and identify the type of work that we do is always and forever seeking "Balance" and helping others to find theirs. The number 8 being like an infinity symbol. There a lyrics to a song that says "To balance the world, we must balance ourselves" and I truly believe that is where all the work of healing the world begins.

Meg does amazing work as a Sound Healer, where I first met her giving Sound Baths for tips in the open spaces of Daybreak's greenspaces and parks. She has such a spark of Awen and loving soul about her, I wanted nothing more than to work with her and connect with her work. I am not a sound healer, but Drumming is a very key ingredient to my practice.

One thing I idolize about Meg is her commitment to volunteer work at the Cancer Survivor Wellness House and and Taylor Hagen Memorial foundation for their bereaved mothers retreats. She is very passionate about both not only because what I do for them but also am passionate about selfless service. At the next phase of my own healing work, I hope to commit myself to organizations and offer Reiki healing to those in Hospice or babies in the NICU. It will take making the right connections and setting up time and space in my life to offer that service the way Meg has done for these passions.

Our conversation was delightful, deep, meaningful, and inspiring. I hope to work more with Meg in the future. This episode is definitely worth a listen if you are curious about how the Mystical work of Spiritual healing, energy work, and sound healing can benefit and support your own healing journey in whatever diagnosis and ailment you endure.

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IG @balancedsoul_8

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Cancer Survivor Wellness House:

Taylor Hagen Memorial Foundation:

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