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Episode 11: Generational Healing

Have you been in therapy or on your Healing Journey for some time when you finally ask yourself, "How much of this didn't start with me?" In the metaphysical realm, you cannot scroll too far on your Instagram feed without seeing a reel or meme dedicated to Breaking Chains or Patterns. We are the Chosen generation, Indigo children and Rainbow children, born to identify and replace toxicity among our families. We are the brave souls that stood up to be counted and say "Hey wait just a damn minute here! This isn't my burden! I want to let it go."

The fascinating thing about this subject in Healing, is that it isn't completely explained, but universally agreed upon in the Psychiatric community and Energy Healing language. Not to mention, neuroscience and geneticist are finding evidence everyday of the emotional and mental burdens that are passed on to every generation. Whether you call it "blocked energy" or "encoded DNA" or "subconscious trauma" that gets passed down from each generation, we can confidently agree that something that happened to your ancestors many generations or one generation ago has a deep and real impact on how you interact with the world: How you make decisions, how you avoid pain, how you view interactions and relationships, and infinite other possibilities.

You are thinking, 'Oh great. I already have so much to unpack about my own lifetime and experiences. You are telling me I also carry all the experiences of past generations too?' That is overwhelming, to be sure. However, the upside to this healing journey is that WHEN you move that heavy energy from the body, you are helping to heal all that they carried and all that your own family and descendants would have had to carry. You are the HERO of your own epic saga! You are Bilbo Baggins, Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, all wrapped up into one. You are the Chosen One of your family line to bring those things out of the Darkness of the Soul and make new choices.

In this episode, I give some examples from clients, and case studies that certain events in their family history have had a profound impact on their life. This is true, even if they didn't know about the event! In the discovering of the event, it has helped them witness themselves with deeper understanding.

One example from Emotional Inheritance, the man that was seeing his psychanalyst because a break up with his boyfriend two years ago was causing him to experience much grief and depression. He desperately wanted to move on from that relationship, even begin dating again. The therapist asked about his relationship with his father, and it was discovered that his father was very supportive when he came out as gay and always showed such love. His grandfather had ended his own life when his father was young. He had always had a very instinctual feeling that perhaps the grandfather was gay too and didn't make that known, but had been depressed enough to end his life. The impact of that realization and putting a voice to his grandfather's pain was enough to propel this patient into more understanding of himself and his own pain at not "being allowed to love". It wasn't until years later, at a family gathering, he spoke with an aunt (an older sister of the man's father) had revealed she believed their father to have had a male lover he couldn't be with before he took his life. The "gut feeling" he had without ever knowing any of the facts turned out to be correct.

Examples like this and many others can be found in case studies of psychiatrists and psychoanalysts, mental health workers and medical care professionals, and energy healers. Energy Healers like myself don't need convincing of the impact Ancestral healing on a client can have. Geneticists that research epigenetics are finding the evidence of people's life experiences have on their DNA and how it an be passed on to the next generation. Psychiatrists would have you believe that a child's trauma responses are a direct result of a parent's subconscious clues and reactions being perceived by the child. This is true, but it is also written into their DNA. It is an energy trapped in the body and passed, unintentionally, to the next generation to carry the burden. The good news, Energy Healing is one of the best ways to support generation healing.

In an IPT session, emotional processing, the facilitator can identify symbols and colors and energies that are directly linked to generational. When a client identifies a heavy emotion or belief as ropes or chains, put it in a wooden box, or pull it out in a black tar-like substance (imagined in the visualization), I begin asking questions about when this energy began. Usually, long before the client was even born. I sometimes ask them to identify how many generations back this energy goes, a number of ancestors that are lined up and ready to take it back if need-be.

Not everyone has a record of their family history. It is helpful to do family research and get some idea of who your ancestors were and what they may have experienced. If there is no record, we rely on the memory within our bodies. We can trust that what we feel coming forward in an IPT session or guided mediation, is exactly the truth we need to become aware, even without the proof to back it up.

I once participated in a guided meditation that asked us to connect a red string from ourselves to the generations that came before. I followed the red string until I came to a pioneer ancestor of mine, a woman. She was crying over make-shift grave on the Westward trail of the Mormon Pioneers. She had lost all her children on the journey. Her pain an agony connected me to my own pain of infertility. She was saying, "What was the point? What is it all for without my children?" She meant the hard journey to move west for the promise of salvation and a better life. I understood her words and her grief so vividly. Does it matter that I know her name and make sure she was a real person on my family tree? Not at all. Her journey is my journey and I trust that her pain showed up to be my awareness that day.

When I identify as a Witch, I can feel some hesitation at that still. In the pagan community, we call it "Witch Wounds" because if I self-proclaim as a Witch, Healer, etc. I know what would have happened to me. Women were burned and hung just for speaking out their opinions a man, let alone proclaiming any authority in the healing or spiritual arts. I don't "Dance with the Devil" or curse the crops, but neither did most or any of those woman that were arrested, tried, and killed. They were simply serving their life purpose and chosen vocations. I was once told I have reincarnated many times as a Healer, medicine woman, wise woman, and magical practitioner and each time I was accused and cast out of the community. Some fear still lives within me of what will happen if I let my vocation be known. Incidentally, if you are need of spells and healing, I want to be the one you turn to.

Resources and Book references:

Emotional Inheritance by Galit Atlas

What Happened to You by Oprah and Dr. Bruce Perry

Bach Flower Essence

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